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Top 5 E-cigarette Kits

Posted by Gabriel on May 28th 2019

Top 5 E-cigarette Kits

The top five e-cigarettes available on the market are as follows in no particular order:

  1. Vandy Vape NS
  2. SMOK Stick Baby
  3. Joyetech EGO AIO
  4. Vype E-Pen
  5. Aspire PockeX

These vape pens are the best available in this small yet effective market. Do not let their smaller size fool you, though! Yes, the vaping industry is moving to gaudy larger mods with powerful tanks that produce thicker clouds. That is not the focus of this blog, however.

When it comes down to it, we are looking for a nicotine delivery device. These five e-cigarettes could help you quit smoking if that is what you are looking for.

Follow this blog to get a rundown of the basics as they apply to these five e-cigarettes. Enjoy!

Vandy Vape NS Pen

The first of the five we will talk about is the Vandy Vape NS Pen. This wonderful little nic salt pen - hence NS Pen - is a joy to vape with. It is shaped and sized similar to an actual pen and fits well wherever you would like to stow it. I also love the top cap that comes with it. It’s magnetic, so unless you leave it somewhere, it’s always on your NS Pen!

Enough of the little things, what makes this e-cigarette effective for delivering nicotine? It is the ability to vape mouth-to-lung. For new vapers or transitioning vapers, having a similar pull to smoking a traditional cigarette makes the move easier. Using nicotine salts with this pen is also ideal, considering this is the purpose of its design.

The Vandy Vape NS Pen is perfect for any vaper looking to have higher nicotine e-liquid. You do not sacrifice taste with this e-cigarette.

SMOK Stick Baby

Undoubtedly the most popular pen vape in this blog, the SMOK Stick Baby has established itself through performance. For those of you looking for the larger clouds and great taste out of your e-liquid, look no further!

SMOK really nailed it with their Stick Baby. It is known for its minimalist style while packing a vape punch that rivals the gaudy mods available. The coils are designed for power and chucking clouds with the best of them. The SMOK Stick Baby pen is one of the best available so you cannot go wrong with its power!

Joyetech EGO AIO ECO

This stylish pen is perfect for the vaper that wants something compact and easy to carry around. It delivers nicotine effectively and looks good while it does! On top of that, this pen has a very economical battery that lasts as long as 350 puffs before telling you it’s time to recharge.

The Joyetech EGO AIO ECO pen is another one that delivers a mouth-to-lung vaping experience. It certainly is one of the top five e-cigarettes available and will have you satisfied with your vaping experience.

Vype E-Pen

The Vype E-Pen 3 is the newest iteration of Vype’s flagship E-pen design. It comes with the boast of richer flavour and better taste! The interesting thing about the Vype E-Pen 3 is not so much that the pods are replaceable, but that they are pre-filled. This makes life a lot easier when you are on the go!

The ease and taste of this E-Pen 3 is more than enough for the new vapor and the experienced vapor. When you are looking for something that will satisfy the taste buds, this vape pen just might be the one you would want to look into!

Aspire PockeX

This pen is like the others in that it is small and effective when delivering your nicotine! The Aspire PockeX vape pen is another in the mouth-to-lung family so you can vape your favourite flavours in higher nicotine.This vape pen certainly won’t overwhelm!

Aspire is one of the leaders in the vaping industry, and the PockeX is still preferred over most. When you have your own, you have the best in your hand! For smaller clouds designed for the new vaper, and the experienced vaper looking for simplicity, enjoyment is the name of the game here!

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