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Best Pod Vapes and Their Pros & Cons

Posted by Gabriel on Mar 6th 2019

Greetings from VapeWild! Have you wondered which pod mod would be best for your vaping experiences? How do you know what you are looking for? What types do you have to choose from? Too many questions to ask, right? Sorry for that last one there. The truth is that pod mods are the most popular thing in vaping since flavours, and they will not go anywhere anytime soon. So here are some of the most popular for you to consider, compare, and choose from on!

Aspire Pod Mods

Here are the two that we love around the workplace, both from Aspire and both have their positive traits and downfalls. The Aspire Breeze and the Spryte, depending on what you are looking for, will each give you something different. The Spryte is an interesting little pod system. Why, you ask? Let’s find out!


You are familiar with the leaning tower, yes? Well, that’s what this looks like! The best piece about this pod mod is the way it feels when in use. The mouthpiece is, for whatever reason, I can’t quite put into better words, is incredibly comfortable! It surprised me with how it felt and for me, it is a distinguishable factor. If I am going to vape on something all day, then I want it to be easy and comfortable. Like picking your favourite ice cream, if I will eat the whole tub, it will be my favourite type! Like other pod systems, it is a straight voltage device. Basically, you cannot adjust the power. The Spryte runs on 650mAh so there is room for desire in the battery, but it certainly packs enough to make it more than worth picking it up! The flavour is just right, changing the pod/coil is easy, filling/refilling with your favourite liquid is simple. I cannot forget about a nifty perk, adjustable airflow! On the bottom of the pod, you can tighten or open up the airflow or right in the middle. The Spryte will meet your vaping preference. You cannot go wrong here!

The Goods:

  • A comfortable mouthpiece.
  • Sleek design which is comfortable to hold.
  • A lot of compatible Aspire BVC Replacement coils to choose from.
  • Adjustable airflow.
  • Passthrough charging, being able to vape and charge at the same time is cool.
  • Nic Salts and Traditional E-Liquid welcome.
  • Easy to refill the pod, has a huge fill port.

Things I wish were better:

  • The leaning design means it doesn’t stand up too well.
  • Charging port is located on the bottom, so it doesn’t stand up when charging either.
  • For the size, it could have a higher capacity battery, 650mAh could have been 1000mAh in my opinion.


For the Aspire Breeze, you get all of the things that I mentioned above with a bulkier mouthpiece and a higher mAh - 1000mAh. It’s shorter than its counterparts, but thicker which fit in my hand with more comfort than the others on this list. It isn’t so small that you would overlook it and makes for quite a pleasant vape. The vapor the Breeze 2 produces is by far the better of the rest, in my humble opinion, though it will not fog out your area. The flavour is crisp and kept me coming back to it for the way it felt in my hand. Again, I cannot tell you why I loved the feel so much, I just did and it was worth it. This pod also has adjustable airflow, but it is a process to get it the way you wish. Overall, however, the Breeze 2 will give you a portable pod mod, feel great when you vape it, a higher capacity battery, and overall simple vaping experience!

The Goods:

  • 1000mAh battery, lookin’ at you, Spryte.
  • Easy to change the pod/coil and refill with liquid because of the push release buttons and click-into-place locking mechanism.
  • Great with either Nic Salts or Traditional E-Liquid.
  • Constructed well and compact lends to its durability.
  • Great output of both vapor cloud and favour.
  • Compatible with different BVC Replacement coils.

Things I wish were better

  • Adjusting the airflow is harder than it ought to be. Removing the mouthpiece, adjusting the flow, replace the mouthpiece, give it a try, repeat until you’re happy. Too much.
  • The mouthpiece is difficult to remove.

I should mention before I go, both of these pod mods will work with their own coil - that fit in their respective pod - but they also work inter-compatibly… Is that a word? Doesn’t matter, the coils they take - Aspire BVC Replacement Coils - work for both, so have your choice! Both the Spryte and Breeze 2 could either be Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung, depending on how you vape. For me, it was somewhere right in the middle which is something else I loved about them!


The Vapeccino Mate 1 is the underdog here! The Mate 1 packs a punch with its design, sleek, tall, and handsome! Yes, I just called a pod mod handsome! It has a 410mAh battery which shouldn’t fool you. I’m tellin’ ya, that battery holds its own compared to the other pod systems here! What separates the Vapeccino from the others is the preferential pods you can order. I say preferential because you have the choice between a Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung vape with the Mate 1. I used either and they worked well and did exactly what I expected them to do. The Mouth to Lung was focused on flavour where the Direct to Lung gave me more vapor. Enough to make me lean to the right while I was writing this! I will say as a heads up though, if you decide to go for the Direct to Lung pod type then you should consider a lower nicotine than you would with the Mouth to Lung pod. That would be my recommendation to you. I must point out its haptic feedback, it vibrates to tell you that it needs to be charged or that the pod needs to be changed. Personally, with as low as the mAh is, I wish it wasn’t this way. It adds to the drain of the battery. Overall, the Mate 1 may have a lighter battery, but the pods make up for it and then some! Plus, it looks better than the others, in my eyes.

The Goods:

  • Mouth-To-Lung and Direct-To-Lung Pod options.
  • Easy to change the pods.
  • Looks great!
  • Great flavour on the MTL and awesome vapor production with the DTL.
  • Haptic feedback for changing the pod and low battery.

Things I wish were better:

  • 410mAh battery? You’re off the hook, Spryte.
  • Magnets not the most durable, they have been known to fall out easily.
  • Compared to the others in this blog, filling the pods is harder than it ought to be.
  • Haptic feedback can aid in draining the already lower than I’d like 410mAh battery.

Artery Pal

Options, more options and yet another option with the Artery Pal Vape Kit! This thin box mod/pod system is versatile and may give you more than the others I mentioned earlier. You will have the choice when it comes to its look, with artsy designs or more of a simple straightforward design, the Artery Pal will give you plenty to consider! It works with the Aspire BVC replacement coils - like the two Aspire Pod Mods earlier - is Mouth to Lung, and carries 1200mAh for you to vape the day away! It’s built with higher nic vaping in mind which makes it ideal for the new vaper. You can use either traditional vape juice or nic salt e-liquid depending on your preference. I used nic salts for a majority of my time with the Artery Pal and found it to be smoother than the rest. With traditional e-liquid, I found it to me just as much flavour as I could have hoped for. What makes the Pal a great choice is all of the above, but specifically the battery. Pushing on a 1200mAh battery is the highest mAh on this vape blog which means you can vape longer on its straight 3.7voltage push with each puff. The Artery Pal gives you options, more battery, equal flavour, and an expressive design on either panel!

The Goods:

  • Unique artsy panels.
  • Replaceable 510 drip tip to make it look even better!
  • A tight draw for focused flavour.
  • High battery capacity, 1200mAh for the win!
  • Compatible with Aspire BVC Replacement coils, another win!
  • Can sub-ohm with the right coil for vapers looking for more power.

Things I wish were better:

  • Airflow is fixed. Cannot be adjusted.
  • Less portable than the other pod mods mentioned. The corners of its box shape are sharper than I’d like.
  • Changing the coils is more tedious than it ought to be.
  • Refilling the pod can be messy.

Which would I choose?

Considering all that we talked about, I have to say that my personal choice here is the Aspire Breeze 2. The sweet balance of feel, battery, flavour, output, and look is for me! I would choose the Breeze 2 for all day vaping. It gave me everything I wanted in my pod vape with the addition of a great feel in my hand!

Final Word

No matter what you are looking for in your vape pod, you have a great field to choose from here. You can have power in the Artery Pal, MTL or DTL in Mate 1, and overall performance in either of the Aspire pod mods (Spryte or Breeze 2). I loved them all and went with what was right for me. If you need more help finding which vape pod would be best for you, hit our talented Customer Experience team! They have more details for you to consider. Thank you so much for reading, VapeWild Army! Vape on and Stay WILD!

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