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7 Ways to Stop Your Tank from Leaking

Posted by Gabriel Pimentel on Jul 5th 2019

7 Ways to Stop Your Tank from Leaking

You have a leak in your vape tank, and thankfully it’s simple to fix! Here are the steps for repairing and preventing a leaking vape tank:

  1. Disassemble the tank - The first thing to do is disassemble the tank. Disassemble enough of the tank to expose the coil. You can take apart the whole tank if you want, but it’s not necessary. Depending on your tank, unscrewing the top piece might be enough to get a good look of the coil.
  2. Check the coil - The first thing you want to check is if the coil is properly installed. It should be perfectly vertical, and not cocked to the side or tilted at all. If it is, take it off the base of the tank and reinstall it. That should fix the problem! If the coil is properly installed, take it out anyway. What you are looking for is any e-juice collected in the base of the tank (step 5). Also, you are looking at the o-rings on the base of the coil. Each coil should have at minimum one o-ring on its base to act as a seal. It keeps the e-juice from getting into the base of your vape tank. If it is damaged or missing, you should change the coil altogether — most tanks and kits come with a spare baggie of o-rings.
  3. Check the o-rings - Check the o-rings that are on your tank. First, is the o-ring around the base of the tank, where the glass connects with the base. This o-ring can get bunched or bent-in, which allows for e-juice to leak through that area. Gently press it back into place. Once it’s back where it should be, reassemble and vape away! Do the same for the o-rings on the top, where the glass meets the tank again. If either of these o-rings is damaged or broken, then you should replace them with the appropriately sized o-ring in your tank’s spare parts bag. That should be in the box your tank came in.
  4. Clean the tank - Now that you have checked and fixed the two most common areas of your vape tank, give it a good cleaning! Room temp or cool water running through the tank, not the coil, should clear away any residual e-juice. Make sure you dry off the tank thoroughly before you reassemble the tank. You want to do this to start with a clean slate. Your leaking problem should be fixed by now, but, if you experience more leaking once your tank is clean and dried up, then repeat the previous steps one more time.
  5. Wipe away liquids from the base of the tank - The most effective way to dry any liquids from the base of your vape tank is with a micro-fiber cloth. Paper towels work just fine and are more readily available. However you do it, make sure the base of your tank is clear of any water or e-juice so you have a dry starting point. After steps 1-4 the leak should be fixed. This is an extra step to making sure you are all set to vape the day away!
  6. Reassemble the tank - Put all the things together and you should be good! When you refill your tank, do so at a slight angle, not straight up and down. Also, refill slowly. This will give you a chance to spot check for any ongoing leakage
  7. Vape the day away - Your tank is all fixed up! Now you can enjoy your all day vape without losing any of it to that pesky leak you just fixed!

Why Leaks Happen

Leaks happen for a few reasons, but the most common perpetrator is the coil. It could be that the coil is not installed properly, or, common enough, the coil is faulty. Sometimes, when the coil is older, you will need to replace it.

Leak Prevention Steps

Briefly, here are some preventative measures for you to avoid leaks in the future:

  1. Set your tank upside down if you are not using it. If you are like me, you change tanks so you can vape a different flavour. If there is e-juice left in your vape tank, stowing it away upside down will prevent any leakage when you come back to it.
  2. Never set your tank sideways. This will allow one side of your coil to over saturate itself in e-juice which will leak.
  3. Change your coil regularly. Typically, the moment you start to experience a burnt taste, it’s time to change your coil. This will prevent leakage.

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