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6 Tips Every Vaper Should Know

Posted by Gabriel on May 13th 2019

6 Tips Every Vaper Should Know

When you start vaping, there is a lot of information to digest. Have no fear! This blog will give you six of the most important tips you need to know! The six tips every vaper should know are:

  1. Know the price
  2. Know the slang
  3. Find an All Day Vape (ADV)
  4. Stay hydrated
  5. Know the lifestyle change
  6. Prepare for peopling

Know the Price

You will probably spend somewhere in the price range of €20-€50 on hardware. Depending on the vape juice you select, add another €10 or thereabouts. The total average beginning cost of your vaping journey is going to be €50 with all that you need. Of course, the initial amount will vary based on the type of hardware you choose and the brand of vape juice you wish to vape.

Check out some of our favourite pieces of hardware, and some of the sample packs we suggest:

Starter Kits We Suggest:

  • VooPoo Mojo Starter Kit - This starter kit has all the essential pieces you need! It has an internal battery and a tank. All you would need is some e-liquid and you are on your way!
  • GeekVape Aegis Mini Starter Kit - The Aegis Mini starter kit is another mod that has all you need to get going!

Sample Packs to Consider:

  • Mystery Sample Pack - This sample pack comes with 100mLs of random vape juice! This is a great way to find your first all day vape!
  • Welcome Sample Pack - The perfect sample pack with the power of choice in your hands! Select three e-juices, vape and enjoy! Plus, you can get it for silly cheap with the coupon code!

Know the Slang

Some of the slang you’ve already read in this blog. These are the other important words and terms that you need to know:

  • Mod - This is the piece of hardware that you select. It can include the tank, but tanks are generally separate from the mod.
  • ADV (All Day Vape) - Your ADV is the vape juice that you carry with you all the time. It’s your favourite flavour, your first flavour, even the third flavour you tried. No matter what, though, you love it and you can suggest it to your friends!
  • Batts - Batts refer to your batteries. Batteries come in different sizes, but the most common size that you need to know is 18650.
  • Watts - This is the power range that you vape with - always a number. When someone asks you what wattage or watts you vape at, simply read the screen of your mod and give them that number!
  • Atty - Atty will generally refer to your tank and coils. The magic of vaping happens here! While your mod provides the power, your atty is where the vape juice you have is atomized.
  • OHMs, Resistance - Your OHMs (Ω) are the resistance to your coils. They dictate what your wattage will be when you’re vaping. You will always get the question, “what OHMs are you vaping?” You can always read the OHMs on your coil or mod’s screen!

Those are the most common terms or slang that you will hear in vaping circles. Now get out there are start droppin’ some knowledge on your vape fam!

Find Your ADV

This is arguably the most important part of beginning your vape life. Finding your ADV is important if you want to vape successfully! The best way to find your ADV is to order sample packs. Of course, you probably know what you would like to taste while you vape - fruit, cereal, dessert - I like dessert! There are all sorts of sample packs to choose from! You saw a few of the ones we suggested, but, of course, there are so many more! Go find yours and vape your day away!

Stay Hydrated

Drink a lot of water! Vaping has a tendency of making you feel thirsty anyway, and drinking water helps! Water has so many benefits for vapers. It will help you maintain a clean palate for tasting your vape juice, and it prevents you from getting vaper tongue, which means that the flavour isn’t as prominent. We suggest at least 6 pints of water per day, by the way.

Know the Lifestyle Change

Personally, the changes I noticed were not immediate, but they were dramatic. I first noticed my sense of smell came back, A LOT. When I went with my friends to have a break, I could smell the cigarette smoke stronger than ever. I didn’t like it and started to suggest vaping to my friends. I’m happy to say some of them are vaping and have all shared the same sense of smell change that I experienced. You will too.

Next, I noticed my sense of taste got stronger. Food started to give me more satisfying taste, soda and coffee, too, were stronger. I LOVED how it changed!

The final thing I noticed was that people started conversations with me about vaping. I didn’t have all the knowledge I do now, but I was able to share my experience with them.

Prepare for Peopling

That leads me to tell you about the biggest tip I can give you about vaping… All the peopling. If you are an extrovert, then you are getting excited about sharing all the things with your friends about your new lifestyle! If you are like me, then you are an introvert and are feeling a little nervous. Have no fear, fam! People will come to you and ask you questions, and all you have to do is share how the vape life has been for you. Tell them about your experience, and share this blog with them when they ask you for more info.

VapeWild, and our professional team of vapers are always here to help. There is a large community of vapers just like you available to you anytime on our Facebook groups, and they are a wealth of accumulated knowledge you can always tap into

In the End

When you are starting your vaping journey, there is a lot to learn. You are now equipped with the basics - the rest will come with time. Share this blog with your friends and share your experience with others when you have the chance! There is nothing like a friendly conversation to help others, am I right?

Stay Wild, fam!

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