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Payment Policy accepts Visa, MasterCard, JCB and PayPal*.

An Order Status of "Awaiting Payment"** or "Manual Verification Required" means that your order will be individually reviewed by our payment processing department. A few common scenarios that cause an order to require review are: the billing address does not match what your bank has on file, the billing address and shipping address are in different countries, or the billing address was entered incorrectly multiple times. 

Please allow up to 24 hours for this additional step.  It isn't necessary to let us know that your order needs a little extra attention - we will take care of you as quickly as we are able. Because we process these in the order in which they are received, contacting us will not expedite your payment.  We appreciate your patience!

*A few notes about PayPal: Services offered by PayPal vary by country, to include paying with a credit card through PayPal, adding funds directly to PayPal, and connecting a bank account to transfer funds from that bank to the seller.  Because we have no visibility of unsuccessful PayPal payment attempts, we encourage you to contact PayPal with any questions concerning PayPal payment issues or your bank, depending on the PayPal service.

**Certain PayPal services, such as eCheck, have longer processing times before giving us possession of payment. Your order status will display as "Awaiting Payment" until the transaction settles; we have no means of expediting this process. 



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