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Vape Accessories & Supplies

A dripper does you no good when you haven’t got the right vape accessories and supplies to go with it.  Find everything you need to kit yourself out with the best vape supplies right here.  Could be cotton, could be 510 adapters, who know?  Regardless, you only need to look here.

Japanese Organic Cotton

This organic Japanese cotton offered by VapeWild is authentic and unbleached. Each single cotton pad is finely threaded to maintain long continuous cotton fibers and available for use in any rebuildable atomizer. Sold in quantities of four sheets. The...

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Native Wicks Cotton

Taste the difference in your setup with Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton. Known for making high quality cotton blends for the vaping masses, this is no exception. Native Wicks has a proprietary blend of many different fibers that not only result in...

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Plates for Funky 160W Mod

The style you portray with your mod is important, we all know that! So what better way to glamourize your new Funky 160W Mod than with these custom Resin Panels? Turn heads with these interchangeable magnetic resin plates. Each one is unique, just like...

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Battery Sleeves Silicone Battery Sleeve (2-Bay)
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Silicone Battery Sleeve (2-Bay)

Keep yourself safe and your batteries in good working order with these silicone battery sleeves. Lightweight and easy to use, these sleeves will help you keep your married batteries together and not laying around loose in a drawer or on a table when...

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Vandy Vape Mesh Coil Spool

Get meshed up with Vandy Vape Mesh Wire Spools. This spool of mesh wire is made of high quality Nichrome that will give you unparalleled flavour and cloud production to elevate your vaping to the stratosphere. Every spool comes with 5 feet to work with,...

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Vaporesso Switcher Cases
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Vaporesso Switcher Cases

Enjoy the ability to switch up the look of your Vaporesso Switcher Mod with all metal replacement cases! Giving you the option to easily slide the old case off, and the new one on, these cases are workable with regular Vaporesso Switcher Box Mods or the...

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