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Vape Batteries & Chargers

So, you need to power up that mod don’t you?  Take a look at our vape batteries and chargers and get what you need.  We’ve got cases, chargers, and of course, batteries to get you right on your way!

Whether you prefer Samsung or LG, there isn’t much you won’t find right here.  And a perfectly matched pair of batteries that are fully charged is exactly what you need to get you vaping on the some of the best eliquid in the world!

Efest 2-Bay Battery Case

Introducing the Efest 2-Bay Battery Case! It will fit two of your 18650 vape batteries perfectly! Specifications: Holds Two 18650 Batteries Durable Plastic Frame Door Latch What’s in the Box: 1x Efest 2-Bay Battery Case

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Efest 4-Bay Battery Case

These plastic battery cases are just what you need to keep up to four of your batteries safe. Specs Durable eFest brand battery case Holds up to 4x 18650 batteries, or 5x 18500 batteries, or 8x 18350 batteries. Snap latch safely secures...

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Efest Pro C1

One of your batteries need to be charged up? The Efest Pro C1 is the charger for you! Compatible with nearly all lithium-ion battery types, enjoy 1.0A of charging power. This is a single bay so it can only hold one at a time. Also, it is basically a...

€10.99 €9.34
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Efest Pro C4

Here is the battery charger that you have been waiting for! The Efest Pro C4 charger has four bays for your lithium-ion batteries. Each charges at a maximum 1.0A but you do have the option for 0.5A. This is the last charger you will need for your vape...

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Golisi O2 Economic Vape Battery Charger

Invest in your vape game with the Golisi O2 Economic Vape Battery Charger! Built to last it is backed up by military grade material that is also fireproof! It also boasts smart-charging technology so you are protected from hazards. That is always a...

€14.99 €11.99
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Golisi O4 Economic Vape Battery Charger

Say hello to your Golisi O4 Battery Charger! Designed to hold up to 4 Litium-Ion Batteries simultaneously, this vape battery charger has several protections for you to enjoy.  Temperature control protection Overcharge Protection Reverse...

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Samsung 25R 18650 Battery

Introducing the Samsung 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery! It is a cylindrical flat top battery with a capacity of 2500mAh. Specifications: Nominal discharge capacity: 2,500mAh Nominal voltage: 3.6V Standard charge: CCCV, 1.25A, 4.20 ± 0.05 V, 100mA...

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Samsung 25R 18650 Battery Pair

Say hello to the Samsung 25R 18650 Battery Pair! Just like the single, these vape batteries are cylindrical and flat top 18650 batteries with a capacity of 2500mAh! Specifications: Nominal discharge capacity: 2,500mAh Nominal voltage: 3.6V Standard...

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