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What is the TPD about, and why is it important?

The Tobacco Products Directive, also known as the TPD or Directive 2014/40/EU, affects products that contain nicotine and places limits on the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products. The standards set out in the Directive played an important role in establishing the size and strength of vaping products on the market today.

What are the rules?

The European Commission created the TPD to help national authorities protect customers by ensuring product safety and quality.

These rules include:

Max Nicotine

Nicotine-containing liquid may not exceed a volume of 10ml and a concentration of 20 mg/ml.


Max Volume

Cartridges and tanks may not exceed a volume of 2 ml.


Child Proofing

Electronic cigarettes and refill containers are child-proof- and tamper-proof, are protected against breakage and leakage and have a mechanism that ensures refilling without leakage.


No Additives

Vitamins and certain additives are prohibited.



The Directive obliges that e-liquids contain ingredients of high purity.


What has VapeWild done?

VapeWild is an award-winning e-liquid manufacturer, retailer, and worldwide distributor. We currently own two brick and mortar stores in the UK and an Ireland distribution warehouse. In addition, we have a 60,000+ square foot manufacturing facility in the US which operates automated and semi-automated production lines for both large and small production, and we conduct sampling and validation tests to ensure product quality. Since the TPD came into action, VapeWild has worked to ensure that the nicotine-containing products we sell go through the required notification process.

You can find a list of submitted products here. To search for our products, filter for "WOLFPACK WHOLESALE INC" in the Submitter Name column of the "List of submitted products, companies J to Z" spreadsheet.

Support for Customers

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